xEdu is an accelerator company in the education business sector. The company stems from the fact of Finland being a leading country for startup and education ecosystems. xEdu was established for the need of bringing education excellence and entrepreneurial mindset together to boost the creation of future-proof education systems and products. Xedu has quickly gained visibility and high respect across the relevant business segments as well as public sector; nation-wide and internationally.

xEdu provides a full startup and cross-domain ecosystem in the education. Partnership with the most relevant global tech companies brings technology expertise. Collaboration and hands-on interaction with the top class educators and teachers secure pedagogical expert evaluation and feedback. Liaison with recognized business influencers provides insights into the latest market realities and business rules.

xEdu brings together all the elements to create companies with a truly global and measurable impact on education through its xEdu Accelerator Program. It transforms Finnish pedagogic expertise into exportable systems and digital solutions for education sector.

xEdu is the best education business accelerator in the world, enabling a completely new startup ecosystem and it works as an intermediator between the most potential startups in the education business sector and target customers.