The 21CL School Pass grants all employees in your school access to all 21CL Online session recordings as well as discounts to the 21CL Face to Face Conference

21CL School Pass

Professional development that scales to all stakeholders in your school community.

  • Teachers
  • Leaders
  • School Administrative Staff - Bring the often-overlooked group into the conversation
  • Parents - Sessions aimed at parents who are interested in increasing their knowledge of education
  • Students - Webinars with inspirational speakers

21CL Online is High Impact


  • Collaborative – 30% of attendees engaged with sessions with colleagues
  • 88% of attendees plan to watch session recordings
  • 95% of attendees plan to attend future online events

I’m so glad our school bought a school-wide license. Lots of teachers engaging in workshops together and then following up with conversations and ideas.

Register Now

Getting a school pass is as simple as registering online. Once you register we will reach out to explain how you can add the participants from your school. You can add as many who are interested for the one price!

No. of StudentsPrice (USD)
  • Open Access

    Rather than picking and choosing attendees to conference, all members of staff can access the conference


  • Equitable

    Solution for the equity issue in school PD. All staff members in including administrative staff and teachers assistants have sessions they can access. Beyond the two weeks of the conference additional sessions with popular speakers and timely topics in education throughout the year for just member schools


  • Input

    Partner with 21CLI. PD Directors that register for a school pass have a direct line to conference organizers to suggest topics


  • Showcase Your School

    School pass schools can highlight members of staff in their school that have something to share on panels or presentations


  • Incredibly Cost-effective

    For the price of a few attendees to a face-to-face conference, the whole school can attend 21CLHK Online

  • 10% Discount to 21CLHK

    Discount for the 21CLHK Conference