Celebrating Education Innovation in the Greater Bay Area

The 21st Century Learning (21CL) is excited to announce the launch of a brand new awards program – the Greater Bay Area School Awards (GBA School Awards).

Produced by the 21CL and integrated with the 21CLHK Conference 2025, this awards program is the first of its kind to celebrate and promote education innovation and excellence in the Greater Bay Area (GBA) to celebrate education innovation and excellence. The GBA School Awards features several categories, commending excellence in education, including:

The GBA Award winners will be celebrated too at the 21CLHK conference, where their innovative work will be showcased to the extensive network of education leaders, practitioners and technology providers attending the conference. This integration provides an invaluable platform to amplify the achievements of schools, educators and providers who are driving progress in 21st century learning across the GBA region.

For more details on the GBA School Awards, including the full list of categories and the application process, please visit the GBA website:

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