There are so many options and choices to make when deciding when and where to spend your annual Professional Development budget. We’ve put together ten compelling reasons on why you should consider attending the 16th edition of the 21st Century Learning Annual Conference.

The conference themes are centered around innovative learning and teaching practices shaping the future of education, ensuring attendees gain valuable, forward-thinking insights.

Hear from some of the leading academics and opinion leaders about the latest trends and developments in education. Attendees can engage directly with these thought leaders, gaining valuable insights and perspectives that can inspire and inform their own practices.

Educators have the chance to share innovative practices, cutting-edge research, and impactful classroom strategies as a presenter. This allows attendees to not only learn from experts but also contribute to the collective knowledge.

Share your innovative practices and strategies as a presenter: 

Focus on practical, practitioner-led workshops that allow attendees to take away applicable strategies, tools, and best practices to implement in your classrooms.

Curate your conference experience by selecting from a wide range of pre-conference workshops and sessions, catering to your unique professional interests and needs.


The conference offers a platform for educators to expand their knowledge and stay ahead of the curve by learning the latest trends, technologies, and pedagogical advancements transforming the education landscape. 


Gain access to the presentation slides, handouts, and other resources used during the workshops. 


21CLHK provides unparalleled opportunities to network and build connections with like-minded educators from Asia Pacific and beyond. The 2024 conference brought together 350+ educators from 21 different countries

Earn a certificate of attendance with continuing professional development (CPD) hours.


Explore the city’s dynamic urban landscape and immerse yourself in its vibrant cultural tapestry. Indulge in diverse dining options, from traditional Cantonese cuisine to innovative fusion fare. Don’t miss out on the Conference Junk Boat Cruise Social to enjoy the iconic views of Victoria Harbour.