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A School with Professional Learning in its DNA

Hear from the Founder of Bullis Charter school about how professional learning and development is at the center of what the school does in pursuit of excellence.

Wanny Hersey

Curriculum & Pedagogy STEAM Maker Education 21st Century Skills

Integrating Computational Thinking with STEM disciplines: The Why, What, and How

To prepare for careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), K-12 students must engage in authentic STEM practices that increasingly rely on computing and the use of computational thinking (CT).

Satabdi Basu


Inspire Digital Creativity – Not Just Coding, but also To Play and To Think

Computational Thinking (CT)-coding education can play a key role in helping students build their problem-solving skills while nurturing them to be creators rather than just consumers of technology.

Tony Lam

Daniel Fung

Carmen Ho

Curriculum & Pedagogy STEAM Education Technology

Preparing Teachers to Teach Computational Thinking

Computational thinking has become an integral part of education for 21st century learners. MIT App Inventor, a blocks-based programming language, is a useful tool to teach learners, both young and old, how to problem solve and think computationally.

Karen Lang

Curriculum & Pedagogy 21st Century Skills reThinking Numeracy

60 Minutes of Mathematical Muscle Toning

What mathematical muscles are we strengthening when we work on a problem? By attending to different aspects of a problem, or different approaches/representations, can we challenge ourselves to a ‘whole body workout’ rather than only thinking about things from one/our perspective?

Frances Watson

Curriculum & Pedagogy 21st Century Skills

A Framework for 21st Century Skills Assessment

Attendees will have the opportunity to develop their understanding of these skills, and take away methods for assessing students across grades and subject areas.

Claire Scoular