Female leadership continues to lag behind male leadership in international schools. Our goal is to balance this inequality in leadership and create new opportunities for educators and aspiring females within our schools as we move into the future.

WLead is a strand incorporated into the 21st Century Learning Conference that provides a platform for  those interested in empowering current and future generations of women around the world.


NETWORKING #WLead Meet Up: Jan 19th Coffee Morning – 7:30

Register early and join us just before the conference starts to network over coffee.

Panel Presentation

Opportunities and challenges of women’s leadership in the international context

Belinda Greer

Chief Executive Officer
English Schools

Katrina Brown

Learning Support
Teacher at HKIS and
former HS Assistant

Carlene Hamley

Director of Learning
Shekou International School

Leanne Dunlap

Secondary School Principal
Hong Kong Academy

One Hour Workshops

Developing Strategies to Navigate the Gender Mindfield

This will be both a presentation and discussion of how women can develop networks and strategies for success in educational leadership. There are many issues that hinders women’s ability to move into educational leadership and this seminar will include coaching, case studies and discussions of how to handle the most common situations women face when trying to move into and work within leadership positions.

Planning With Vision

This workshop will focus on envisioning our goals in education, whether it be in the classroom or personal career goals and the starting point of putting that plan into place. Most would think that means networking, getting your resume in order, taking additional courses etc., but we’ll explore the step prior to this, a step that is proven to increase success in reaching personal goals…. vision boarding. Not only will the advantages be discussed but we will be able to get into hands-on vision boarding using technology. This can be applied in our personal lives as well as in our classrooms.

Positioned for Implementing Change

Women’s role in international schools in Asia pose unique challenges.  External pressures, self-imposed barriers, and cultural factors are just a few of the hurdles women face when serving in leadership positions.  This session will provide participants with the opportunity to reflect on challenges, identify potential solutions, and collaborate in planning for change.  Let’s take the opportunity to reflect on challenges and the added value we bring to to the table.  We will discuss common challenges and potential solutions women in our field face. Drawing from the experience of our peers, we will explore solutions based on the advice from other women in leadership.  Finally, the session will give participants the opportunity to collaborate for implementation of change through the design thinking process.  The workshop will be highly interactive and personal.  

It’s Time to Create an “Old Girls Network” for our Students

This will be both a discussion and presentation of how we can develop networks and strategies for our female students to connect and find opportunities in leadership within the international schools. We have all heard the age old saying of the “Old Boys Club”. This workshop is designed to help our female students change the conversation from “Mean Girls” to “Empowered Women” and join the #GirlsSupportingGirls movement. Together we can build a future for our students that is supportive and welcoming within the international school community. Let’s come together help create this future.