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Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center 7-9 March 2024

The 21st Century Learning Conference (21CLHK) is where teachers, school leaders, edtech professionals gather to learn about how to implement the future of education
from thought leaders, technology and learning experts and their peers.

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For invoice payments or group registrations, send us an email: Share full name, school name, job title and emails. Discounted tickets apply to HK Government funded schools and DSS schools only.

Featured Sessions

Just a selection of the more than 80 sessions at 21CLHK

Learner Agency represents the degree to which an individual can take initiative to meaningfully influence their world – particularly in the face of challenges. Without agency we feel powerless, the victim of our circumstances. With it we feel powerful, the master of our circumstances. 

This keynote will show you how to ensure your students become powerful change agents in the world, able to take charge and face adversity with confidence and power. Importantly it will show you how to go about designing a meaningful program to develop Learner Agency in your school.

The approach to agency that will be explored in this keynote brings together three interrelated and equally important components: 

  1. The Environment to Act – The School
  2. The Will to Act – Mindset
  3. The Power to Act – Learnership

his powerful model is the missing link between shallow “voice and choice” models that merely give students permission, but not the power, to act. It describes how we change students to enable them to successfully confront challenges in their lives now and into the future. 

This keynote provides a road map for educators that want to create a school that empowers students to not only make choices in their world, but also to be able to successfully confront challenges, face adversity, and achieve their goals. 

James Anderson
Best Selling Author | Speaker | Trainer

This keynote presentation sheds light on the significance of language equity beyond the confines of the classroom. Participants will delve into avenues for involving the entire school community, encompassing administrators, staff, families, and community members, in championing multilingual learners and fostering an inclusive language environment. The content will center on extending language equity across the entire school. Attendees will gain insights into establishing a school-wide culture that champions multilingualism, language diversity, and equal opportunities for language development.

Ceci Gomez-Galvez (she.her.ella)
Collaborator, Co-Teacher, Coach, Saigon South International School

At the core of The Mona Lisa Effect® is Matthew’s passionate and relentless belief that every single student, without exception or condition, should be able to “be seen, be heard, be known” and “belong”.

In this keynote, he will argue that data and assessment must not be cold or cruel, rushed or remote. Instead, he believes that they can, and must, remain kind and ‘warm’, ‘street’ and slow.

Kind because it is too easy unintentionally to commit small or large acts of violence. Warm because each and every student and school is an ecosystem, and we must embrace its complexity. Street because it is our moral duty to identify the margins in our school and listen to their stories. And slow because we simply do not have the time to hurry.

This is his argument for holism, and he cannot wait to share it with you.

Mattew Savage
Assessment, Wellbeing and DEIJ Consultant, Savage Education

In our pursuit of leaving a profound and lasting impact on the schools we serve, this workshop invites you to explore the transformative power of coaching in leadership. By delving into the connections between your personal ‘why’ and your school’s mission, you’ll gain the tools to elevate both your leadership and your institution. Join us to uncover how coaching serves as a catalyst for profound change, elevating leaders and schools alike. Discover how aligning your personal values with your school’s mission empowers you to lead with authenticity and purpose in every interaction. This workshop offers actionable insights that will empower you to translate learning into practice, fostering lasting transformation within your school community. Embrace coaching, live your ‘why,’ and cultivate a mission-centric organization that leaves a legacy of excellence.

Dr. Jen Ramey Ricks
Director of Learning,
American Community School Abu Dhabi

In this enlightening presentation, Chung Man will share the transformative journey of future-proofing education through the integration of Project-Based Learning (PBL) with futures thinking and foresight. Attendees will explore how this innovative curriculum not only prepares students for the rapid changes in our world but also nurtures the essential metaskills and adaptability required for the industries of the next 15 years. Chung Man will provide an inside perspective on the development and implementation of a unique PBL curriculum, designed with the Futures-Ready lens, showcasing real student projects as exemplars of success. The session will offer valuable insights into the effective strategies that have positioned THINK Learning Studio and THINK Global School at the forefront of educational innovation. Participants will be invited to discuss collaborative opportunities, aimed at paving the way for a future-ready generation in their own institutions.

Chung Man Chan
Co-Founder, Managing Director, THINK Learning Studio

In this interactive workshop, participants will look at an existing learning experience through the lens of Empathy to Impact. Participants will look for authentic connections to global and local issues that students care about, explore strategies to empower students to become more deeply aware of these issues, and consider how students might use the knowledge, skills, and dispositions developed through this learning to take action for themselves, their community, and the planet.

Scott Jamieson
Inspire Citizens Global Collaborations Lead, Inspire Citizens

Get ready for an insightful dive into how artificial intelligence is reshaping education, enhancing efficiency, elevating student experience, and personalising learning experiences. Here’s what we’ll be covering:

Optimising Workflows: Discover how AI can streamline admin tasks, giving teachers more time to focus on teaching.
Personalised Learning: We’ll discuss how AI can customise the learning experience for every student.
Detailed, Individualised Feedback: Learn how AI can provide real-time, tailored, pedagogically-backed feedback.
Navigating Challenges: We’ll address critical ethical issues such as data privacy, providing recommended dos and don’ts for both teachers and leaders.

This session is perfect for teachers, school leaders, and EdTech enthusiasts eager to understand the practical applications of AI in education. Don’t miss this enlightening discussion on leveraging AI in your school.

James Collinson
Head of Science, Alice Smith School

Harry Rodger
Head of Physics, Alice Smith School


The 21st Century Learning Conference (21CLHK) is where teachers, school leaders, edtech professionals gather to learn about how to implement the future of education from thought leaders, technology and learning experts and their peers. The event blends thought provoking keynotes, practical practitioner led sessions and fun networking opportunities.

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What to Expect

  • Keynote speeches
  • Workshops and presentations, by leading practitioners
  • Thought provoking panels
  • Hear from and connect with innovative schools
  • Receive certificate of attendance with CPD Hours
  • Multiple opportunities to network and build connections


  • 5+ World Class Keynotes

  • Access to 80+ sessions at 21CLHK

  • Certificate of Attendance With CPD Hours

  • Innovative networking events and tools connecting you with other educators

Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center

Upcoming Speakers

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Type of Presenter Upcoming
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  • March 2024 - 21CLHK (88)
  • Online Streaming (10)
Head of STEM/Math Lead
Concordia International School Shanghai
Director of EdTech and Innovation
Dulwich College Beijing
Learning Technologies & Data Coordinator
American International School of Guangzhou
Secondary Curriculum Coordinator
International Christian School
Head of Early Years
Dehong International Chinese School
Global Citizenship Leader, Visual Art Teacher
Hong Kong Academy
Elementary Librarian
American International School of Guangzhou
Inspire Citizens Global Collaborations Lead
Inspire Citizens
Director of Digital & Innovative Learning
Keystone Academy Beijing
Grade Team Lead & Homeroom Teacher
The International School of Macao
Science teacher
International Christian School
Chinese Teacher/Chinese Curriculum Developer/Innovation Teacher
Kellett School
Curriculum Designer & Innovation Specialist
Saigon South International School

Conference Themes

  • Learning Spaces

  • STEAM & Maker Education

  • Education Technology

  • Innovation in Schools

  • Leadership

  • Data in Education

  • 21st Century Skills

  • Translanguaging & Language Equity

  • Social & Emotional Wellness

  • Diversity & Social Justice

  • Student Voice

  • Literacy & New Media


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