storyappyStoryAppy is the classroom tool to improve writing, reading and reasoning.  There are four main components to the product:

  1. Assignments – There are multiple assignments that teachers can easily select and customise. These assignments are designed to meet the common core standards of Writing, Reading and Reasoning.
  2. Collaborative Writing – The collaborative nature of the product helps teachers engage their students.
  3. Interactiveness – Students and teachers are able to communicate together in the app. It is designed to enhance community and engagement. Eventually students from different countries will be able to collaborate together.
  4. Analytics – The app is smart and able to identify many types of english structures like grammar, alliteration, cliches…etc. The text regarding these structures are highlighted within the stories. This allows the students to learn on their own. Teachers are able to track student’s performance easily with graphical representations of the data.