21CLHK and GELS Going Virtual

We wanted to let you know about an exciting development in the delivery of the 21CLHK/GELS conference. 

After rescheduling the Face to Face conferences (F2F) three times we now firmly believe that holding the traditional conferences in the 2020-2021 academic year is simply not a viable option due to the likelihood of continuing travel and public gathering restrictions. We also know that this will be a year where educators want to maximise the time they spend in face to face contact with their students. But equally, we know how important and valued Professional Development is to you as educators, and especially the diverse program that 21CLHK/GELS delivers. 

In the last 4 months we have been delivering the ISTE Certified Educator program via online training to over 140 educators and counting. In developing and delivering the scope and sequence for this online learning training program, the 21C Team and Trainers have learned a lot about how to provide truly engaging interactive learning experiences online, and we now feel ready to spread this exciting new way of learning to a much larger audience. So we are delighted to announce that the combined 21CLHK/GELS 21 conference will be an online conference.

The virtual nature of the conference means we have been able to totally rethink the format and duration of the program and we can tell you that our Keynote speakers are also very motivated about the opportunities for engagement this brings. 

The conference will take place during the period 18 to 30 January 2021 with sessions taking place on a daily basis.

As an education community, we can’t meet face to face internationally for now but the need for professional development is greater than ever. We are looking forward to bringing our 21C Education community together in a new format. 

In the meantime we wish you all the very best for the start of the new school year!


Justin and Graeme

21C Directors