This immersive workshop is an introduction to the process and mindsets of design thinking for school leaders. Participants will experience the design thinking process by working on a hands on challenge and reflect on how design thinking can be used at their school. Together participants will engage the levers of design for school improvement.
Participants will explore topics of empathy building, idea development, rapid prototyping and storytelling and walk out with a understanding of design thinking and some concrete tools to take back to school.
Key Details
9-4pm, 20 April 2017
$550USD (not including 4% registration fee)

Key Take-Aways

  • Participate in a process that can be used to structure change and innovation initiatives in your school
  • Development of innovation mindsets through observing, questioning, empathising and creative thinking.
  • Development of leadership and problem solving skills through strong communication, collaboration, with a bias towards action.
  • Become familiar with skills and strategies to kickstart a culture of innovation in your school.
  • Tools that will give you a different perspective on how challenges can be tackled.


  • Become connected rich set of resources from and their partners that will enable you to more easily deploy the design thinking process
  • Become connected with a network of school leaders also engaged in innovation and change initiatives

About Dr. Susie Wise

susie-wise-bio-picDr. Susie Wise is motivated by the belief that humans are by nature designers. Susie is the Founder and Director of the K12Lab Networkat the Stanford University and a Co-Founder of Urban Montessori Charter Schoolin Oakland, California. At the K12 Lab, Susie leads teams to create innovative professional development for educators including School Retool and the Shadow A Student Challenge. Susie has a PhD in Learning Sciences and Technology Design from Stanford. Prior to founding the K12 Lab Network she worked in educational software and museum education.

About & K12 Lab

dschool-logoThe is a hub for innovators at Stanford. Students and faculty in engineering, medicine, business, law, the humanities, sciences, and education find their way here to take on the world’s messy problems together. Human values are at the heart of our collaborative approach. We focus on creating spectacularly transformative learning experiences. Along the way, our students develop a process for producing creative solutions to even the most complex challenges they tackle. This is the core of what we do.
The K12 Lab Network envisions a world where all young people have creative confidence and know they can change the world. We support and develop educators to make this world a reality. We engage and empower edu innovators to create experiments to show the way forward.