American School in Japan

Developing compassionate, inquisitive learners prepared for global responsibility
The American School in Japan (ASIJ) is an independent, co-educational day school serving students of all nationalities. Founded in 1902, it offers an American-style college preparatory education and offers a standards-based curriculum modeled on the American system. The program prepares students for the Advanced Placement program in high school and other advanced courses including opportunities for self-directed inquiry.
ASIJ has identified three key strategic objectives which have guided program development over the last five years:

  • Students will become adept at identifying problems and using innovation and collaboration to design and evaluate solutions.

  • Students will take risks, explore passions, develop their strengths and pursue their personal paths with resilience.
  • Students will 
develop the capacity to understand diverse perspectives.

IMPACT Program Overview

The IMPACT program is a personalized learning framework targeting ASIJ’s three strategic objectives. It empowers high school students with skills for self-efficacy and a passion for learning that transcends school. A student’s IMPACT experience may be enriched by work they have done in previous courses, or it might spring from an area of personal interest. The possibilities are diverse and driven by students’ interest in becoming self-guided, lifelong learners.