On the 8th and 9th, attendees to 21CLHK will have the opportunity to hear from a number of thought leaders on topics that are urgent in K-12 education. Scheduled alongside the panel discussions will be short, impactful keynotes designed to provoke and shape your thinking.

Join us for a dynamic conversation on why we must evolve education, what change looks like, and how to implement it effectively. Leading thinkers in education reform will dissect the drivers of change, innovative educational models, and pragmatic approaches to reshaping learning in the digital age.

Join us for a panel discussion to hear insight into the global recruitment scene from school administrators seeking talent and teachers pursuing international opportunities. Learn to navigate the complexities of the market and secure the right fit while learning more about the latest hiring trends and strategies schools use to attract top talent. 

As the use of artificial intelligence (AI) continues to grow across all industries, it’s becoming increasingly clear that it has the potential to transform the field of education. From personalized learning and lesson design to predictive analytics, AI can offer a range of benefits that can enhance teaching and learning experiences in K-12 education. The panel aims to provide educators and leaders with insights into the practical applications of AI in education and will explore how it may be leveraged to improve student outcomes.

Language equity is vital in creating inclusive and effective learning environments in our K-12 schools. This panel discussion will address the importance of language access and equity, exploring how educators and policymakers can ensure that all students—regardless of their native language—have the opportunity to succeed academically and socially.

In an era where misinformation can spread faster than ever before, the need to equip our K-12 students with robust critical thinking skills and digital literacy is imperative. This panel discussion brings together a diverse group of experts to explore the challenges and opportunities that educators, policymakers, and students face in fostering an educational environment resilient to misinformation.

Join us for a panel discussion where we dive into the world of outdoor education and experiential learning with our expert panel. Explore the benefits, methodologies, and impact of taking the classroom outdoors to provide engaging, hands-on educational experiences. Our panelists will explore topics such as enhancing learning through nature, best practices in outdoor curriculum design, and building resilience and critical thinking outside four walls.

Join us as we discuss the pivotal role of middle leaders in shaping educational success in schools. These individuals bridge the gap between strategy and classroom practice, driving change and influencing school culture. Topics we’ll explore include:

  • The impact of middle leaders on school improvement,
  • Middle leader strategies for effective leadership, and
  • The challenges and opportunities for middle leaders in schools.
  • Clearly defined job profile that is documented and communicated
  • Support network within the school
  • Intentional training
  • Time allotment to meet with other middle leaders, meet with teams and to devote to task focused on learning
  • Practical experiences that impact student learning and teacher practice

Join us as we explore the challenges, opportunities, and best practices associated with technology leadership in international schools. In this panel we will explore the role of visionary leadership of technology in leading change in schools.

  • Curriculum integration
  • Professional development strategies from training, PD days to coaching
  • AI – is this the responsibility of the tech department or do new roles need to be created?
  • Post covid learnings – Covid was a massive infusion of digital upskilling for skills – is this being leveraged post-covid. What has the long term impact been, if any?