Strand Keynotes

Dr. Andy Hargreaves

Dr. Andy Hargreaves is the President of the International Congress of School Effectiveness & Improvement and is is known as one of the top global thought leaders in education. He is the former Thomas More Brennan Chair of Education at the Lynch School of Education at Boston College.

Pre-Conference Workshop:
Collaborative Professionalism

Exploring how to design effective innovation strategies, this workshop is focused on the needs of school leaders, aspirational leaders, Board Members, and other change agents in K12 schools. Read More

Jayson W. Richardson

Jayson W. Richardson is a Director of the Center for the Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education (CASTLE) ( and an Associate Professor at the University of Kentucky in the USA.

Pre-Conference Workshop:
Implementing Action Research to Better Understand Change Initiatives

This day long workshop is focused on the needs of school leaders and teachers who are interested in measuring and monitoring change initiatives.  It will will guide participants through the action research cycle. Read More

WLead: Women Leading Change

Female leadership continues to lag behind male leadership in international schools. Our goal is to balance this inequality in leadership and create new opportunities for educators and aspiring females within our schools as we move into the future.

WLead is a strand incorporated into the 21st Century Learning Conference that provides a platform for  those interested in empowering current and future generations of women around the world. Learn More

One Hour Workshops

During the main conference, you will have the opportunity to attend workshops run by educator leaders from across the Asia-Pacific region and further afield! Some of the workshops already confirmed include:

Looking to the Past to Design Inspirational Learning Spaces

Human Technologies: Thriving In A Complex World

Student Intercultural Sensitivity – Taking Mission to Effective Practice

Building Relationships: Brain-Focused Methods for Classroom Management

Maintaining Future Momentum: Using Technology to Ensure the Legacy of your Programs

Educating in the Screentime Era

Educating in the Screentime Era

Bridging the Communication Gap Between Schools and EdTech Companies

Awareness-based System Leadership

Being an Impactful Teacher

Learning is Creation NOT Consumption

The Power of Games in Learning

Monkey See, Monkey Do: The Power of Modeling Desired Behaviors

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