A Conference With You in Mind

Whatever your role in education is the 21st Century Learning conference has something for you. 21CLHK draws  world-renowned keynote speakers, leading educators from around the Asia Pacific region, and K-12 educators and administrators from schools from over 33 countries around the world.

Who Should Attend?

  • Teachers

  • Principals and School Heads

  • University Students

  • Curriculum Directors

  • Technology Directors

  • Technology Coaches and Integrators

  • Learning Specialists

  • School Heads

  • School Board Members

  • Company Representatives making products and services for education

  • University professors

  • Teacher Librarians

  • ICT Managers

  • Facilities Directors

Teachers attend as well as teacher leaders and school leaders


Diverse Cross Section of Schools comprising International and Local


Representation from all levels of Education


Feedback from Attendees:

inspiring, engaging, thought-provoking, original and entertaining.

The whole conference oozed interest for participants and showed a very high degree of commitment from organisers. I would attend again.

Listening to the keynotes and watching all the videos just gives us the desire: We need to do more of this at OUR school!

This was my first multi-disciplinary conference. It was interesting to meet, speak with, and listen to educators from a variety of schools as they shared their educational experiences and perspectives.

Very well done. This was a well organized conference and I would recommend colleagues to attend

Thanks for a great conference. It is quite amazing; you go to a presentation and walk away with two or three new ‘tools’ that people use to get their lessons across to the students.