Evangelische Schule Berlin Zentrum (ESBZ)

ESBC School in Berlin – Education for the future
A model for paradigm change based on humanity and solidarity

For learning sustainability, there is a fundamental urgency required to change the education system as it stands now. The ESBC School in Berlin shows the impact of a new system based on the principles of humanity and solidarity and following a simple premise: radically trusting in the potential of students and putting them in charge.
Learn from the the student and young author Jamila Tressel how this school, which does not award any grades until 9th grade, achieves excellent results as judged by traditional standardized methods, while using a radically different educational model.

  • ESBC’s curriculum is designed around the UN’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development
  • Students select which subject and unit they will be working on and work autonomously and self-paced
  • Students work on three projects per year based around the UN Global Goals
  • With projects like the Responsibility – and the Challenge Project students learn competencies for the future in real life based on personal experiences

No specialist teachers employed; teachers are coaches and guides.