Educators play a pivotal role in enabling our students to develop values, skills, and knowledge required to create equitable, cooperative & sustainable societies. While concepts such as social justice, environmental appreciation, critical thinking, and imaginative problem solving are integral cornerstones to creating an awareness amongst our students about sustainability – this isn’t quite enough. Changing the way our students think and act – as individuals & societies – is the aim of education for sustainable development. 

As an organisation that aims to equip – not only students – but educators with skills for the future, we’re inviting presenters to explore a new area at the 12th Annual 21st Century Learning Conference in 2020.

Areas to Explore in this Theme:

  • Education for Sustainable Development

  • Student Service

  • Integration of Sustainability into Existing Curriculum

  • Whole School Sustainability

  • Change Management & Sustainability

21CLI Event Sustainability Pledge

Did you know that we have a sustainability pledge? We hope will promote the concept of sustainability within our own communities of educators, schools, partners, and suppliers. Our Sustainability Pledge is about ensuring that we always try to do the right thing, and by doing this, encourage others who are involved in some way with our events, to go back to their schools or organizations and consider what they might do as well.

Preconference Workshop

In this pre-conference workshop, Inspire Citizens will work deeply with participants on applying the Empathy to Impact Approach into personalized pedagogical contexts in order to seamlessly embed Global Competence strands, Sustainable Development Goals, and active citizenship into pre-existing units and curriculum. Read more>>

Workshop Opportunities

Care, Aware, Able, Impact: A Student Leadership Toolkit for Implementing the UN SDGs

In order to implement the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with substantial impact, Inspire Citizens works with both students and teachers to build leadership and collaboration skills through an Empathy to Impact experience centered on 17 soft skills and tools.

Participants will experience the power of skills like active listening, applying root cause analysis, employing indicators for measuring sustainability, examining true price of actions, integrating wellness, and delivering on missions. Participants will learn how to embed these skills into diverse curriculum and standards, student leadership programs, and experiential and service learning opportunities. 

There will be overlap in this session from those that attended the one day pre-conference. 

Strand Facilitators

Aaron Moniz

Aaron Moniz

Inspire Citizens Co-director and Founder Global Impact Schools: Lead Consultant and Facilitator
Steve Sostak

Steve Sostak

Inspire Citizens Co-director and Founder Global Impact Schools: Lead Consultant and Facilitator

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