Be An Explorer! Bring the World to Your Classroom with Google Geo Tools

Geography crosses many disciplines. In this session, you’ll explore Google Geo tools for lessons, activities, and student content creation. We’ll explore Google Earth Projects, Google My Maps, Google ExpeditionsPro, Google Arts & Culture, and 360° imagery with Google Story Spheres. These tools give students enriched learning experiences that opens minds, teaches perspective, and sparks curiosity. As the global pandemic settles, students can use these tools to give voice to the lessons learned through engaging teacher-driven lessons and student content creation that fosters a better understanding of our world.

Education Technology
Leveraging Tech to Uplift Your Personal WellBeing

Attendees will learn about the five pillars of lifestyle changes needed for a health-focused approach (as opposed to the disease-focused approach of modern medicine) to overall well-being.

Wellness - Personal

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Disrupt the Rubric

In this workshop, we’ll dig into the key design principles and methods for learner-centered rubric design that disrupt some of the features of the most dominant approaches in the field: proficiency scales, deficit language, evaluation-focused rubrics, performance indicators that lack clarity, coherent progression, and/or are embedded with bias in their design or use.

Pedagogy & Assessment

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Beyond Grading

This presentation will look at the history, purpose, and alternatives to traditional grades in education, and the role grades play in 21st century learning.

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Midland School - Intentional Community & Connection to Place

Learn about what makes Midland unique: place-based courses, experiential learning opportunities, the jobs program, outdoor leadership, our 10-acre organic farm, and our natural horsemanship program set on a working cattle ranch. Midland combines all this with rigorous college preparation AND students getting sufficient rest and leisure time. What systems do we have in place to make this work? Find out by joining this session!

Innovation in Education