Overview of PRAXIS at ISKL: An Integrated Learning Program that Reimagines the School Experience

Share the overview of the PRAXIS program at ISKL. What works, and what has been a challenge? How can your school begin a program like this?

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Invisible Children and the world of SEND

The role of community and project-based learning in transforming education for differently able students.

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WEB3 - Where Computer Science, Digital Literacy, & Financial Literacy Converge

This immersive and engaging workshop will empower you to transform your teaching practice and inspire the next generation of digital pioneers.

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Beyond Blocks: First Step In Coding With HTML And CSS

This webinar outlines the first steps in coding with HTML/CSS and help students learn future-ready skills critical for whatever career path they choose.

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UDL Meets AI: Transforming Teaching for Diverse Learner Needs

The session will demonstrate how AI tools have been effectively incorporated into the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum, supporting differentiated learning and global-mindedness.

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Teaching Science through Video Analysis

Video analysis is a powerful tool in Science classes. Students can take videos of real-life events and learn the science behind them using video analysis.

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Using Technology to Support UDL

Know the accessibility features available to all students, and how to introduce them in context.

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Back to School: Re-Educating Parents to Build Collective Understanding of Early Years Pedagogy

Teaching isn't what we were taught, so how can we support parental understanding of current Early Years pedagogy? Using visuals/infographics to explain the importance of learning through play and inquiry, the value of outdoor learning, the benefits of a multiage classroom approach and other topics to build a bridge between home and school. Rethinking parent workshops to engage adults in our learning communities through 'Connect Cafes' as opportunities to build parental understanding.

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What Exactly IS the Science of Reading?

Join Rebecca as she walks you through the interdisciplinary body of research about reading and issues related to reading and writing.

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Meaningful Learning in High School Mathematics

According to NCTM and Cobb at all, meaningful learning in mathematics is characterized by connections, conceptual understanding, problem-solving, multiple representation, communication and reasoning, reflection and metacognition, transfer of learning, and social interaction.

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