Disrupt the Rubric

In this workshop, we’ll dig into the key design principles and methods for learner-centered rubric design that disrupt some of the features of the most dominant approaches in the field: proficiency scales, deficit language, evaluation-focused rubrics, performance indicators that lack clarity, coherent progression, and/or are embedded with bias in their design or use.

Pedagogy & Assessment

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Beyond Grading

This presentation will look at the history, purpose, and alternatives to traditional grades in education, and the role grades play in 21st century learning.

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Boosting Student Agency through Gamification

In this session, Vince Siu and Logan Stratman of Press Start Academy, a Hong Kong-based startup that designs award-winning educational games and game-based curriculums, will explore the benefits and challenges of conducting game-based learning in inquiry-based classrooms.

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Midland School - Intentional Community & Connection to Place

Learn about what makes Midland unique: place-based courses, experiential learning opportunities, the jobs program, outdoor leadership, our 10-acre organic farm, and our natural horsemanship program set on a working cattle ranch. Midland combines all this with rigorous college preparation AND students getting sufficient rest and leisure time. What systems do we have in place to make this work? Find out by joining this session!

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Personalized Learning Spaces for Emerging Adults with SpLD in FEHE

Teens with Specific Learning Differences (SpLDs) in post-secondary institutions are unique and their educational task demands are similarly unique and varied.

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Does a Culture of "Niceness" Truly Support Effective Collaboration?

The session will equip participants with practical strategies for fostering a culture that balances niceness with open communication and healthy conflict resolution.

Three Steps Toward Digital Well-being

Tired of being controlled by your phone? Constantly pestered by your email? If you would like to pursue an intentional and healthy relationship with technology, both in the workplace and in your personal life, this is the session for you.

Wellness - Personal
STEAM through Programming: Creating Interactive Games with Scratch

Participants will learn how to utilize Scratch and its Video Sensing extension to design games controlled by body movements and gestures.

Education Technology Innovation in Education

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Innovation Academy Online: Connecting Students and Teachers Around the World Through Meaningful Learning Experiences

While most of us prefer to learn in person, this workshop will highlight the many affordances of going remote. From breaking free of scheduling constraints and giving students more agency over their learning, to creating a sense of psychological safety with learners from different parts of the world, we will highlight what we have learned over the last three years by moving the Innovation Academy from the classrooms at the American School in Lima, Peru to Zoom with schools around the world.

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Quadrants of Collaboration

Unpack “Quadrants of Collaboration” based on the research by Andy Hargreaves and Michael T O'Connor "Leading Collaborative Professionalism"

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