The School of Bitcoin

A Digital Playhouse Foundation open project to build a dynamic consensus-driven curriculum specifically for (de)financial literacy that has the ability to plug into any institution to support learners on the problem and project-based learning journeys.

November 29, 2022 - 09:00

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Promoting an Inclusive Approach with Tips on Accessibility using Technology

In this presentation, Joe Dale will explore a range of tools that help all learners to access their learning.

A Leader's Main Responsibility is to Develop Leaders

The most effective way to develop leaders is when senior leaders make their own development transparent and actively mentor aspiring senior leaders to participate in and lead whole-school change initiatives.

Social Emotional Learning and Technology Integration through ClassPoint

Learning Spaces Education Technology Pedagogy & Assessment

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Innovation Academy Online: Connecting Students and Teachers Around the World Through Meaningful Learning Experiences

While most of us prefer to learn in person, this workshop will highlight the many affordances of going remote. From breaking free of scheduling constraints and giving students more agency over their learning, to creating a sense of psychological safety with learners from different parts of the world, we will highlight what we have learned over the last three years by moving the Innovation Academy from the classrooms at the American School in Lima, Peru to Zoom with schools around the world.

Innovation in Education Leadership Student Voice

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Athletic Participation at a Cost to Academics? Rethinking Our Approach with Student-Athletes

This session will highlight the impact of letting students bring athletic lessons and values into the classroom. Furthermore, this session will discuss students outside your athletic program and their path to become future global leaders through these same connections.

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BREAK THE SILENCE: Career Guidance Program for learner's with ClassPoint

The best practices in helping nurture and build the future of learners as they begin to choose careers in an aggressive and challenging world of work. Take more steps forward in guiding your students to the right resources and techniques to help them secure a path they would passionately take.

Wellness - School Wellness - Personal

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Creativity for All using Adobe Express

Education Technology Innovation in Education Literacy & New Media

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How The Quality Assurance Manager Works in the Education Sector

The presentation tells about how quality implements more visible in school community from the perspective of Quality Assurance Division. How they work collaboratively with Principals and come up with needs assessment based on the data findings.

Data in Education

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Personalized Learning Spaces for Emerging Adults with SpLD in FEHE

Teens with Specific Learning Differences (SpLDs) in post-secondary institutions are unique and their educational task demands are similarly unique and varied.

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