Classroom Management & Differentiation Instruction

Teachers will be able to acquire more knowledge about managing a classroom effectively and construct lessons that will meet the needs of different students.

Learning Spaces Pedagogy & Assessment
The Transformative Impact of Leadership Coaching Habits

You have probably built a successful career around being knowledgeable, approachable, and above all, helpful. Yet now you are drowning in a never-ending to-do list and surrounded by a team of people that feel they need your involvement in everything.

Personal Wellness for Teachers: Systems and Habits for Efficiency

This session will take a slightly different perspective on self-care and focus on strategies to help teachers balance their workload to take care of themselves.

Wellness - Personal
The School of Bitcoin

A Digital Playhouse Foundation open project to build a dynamic consensus-driven curriculum specifically for (de)financial literacy that has the ability to plug into any institution to support learners on the problem and project-based learning journeys.

Innovation in Education
Promoting an Inclusive Approach with Tips on Accessibility using Technology

In this presentation, Joe Dale will explore a range of tools that help all learners to access their learning.

A Leader's Main Responsibility is to Develop Leaders

The most effective way to develop leaders is when senior leaders make their own development transparent and actively mentor aspiring senior leaders to participate in and lead whole-school change initiatives.

Present and Future of Blended Learning

Hear from a panel of EdTech startups, and educators who will explore some key questions around the current and future of course of blended learning.

Activating Teacher Learning - Creating a CPD Learning model to ‘improve’ teacher performance, not just ‘prove’ it

Activating Teacher Learning – A CPD Learning model to ‘improve’ teacher performance, not just ‘prove’ it

Teach and Still Have Time to Pee

The most important mindset you need to quickly get your weekends back. The specific way to rest that can save you time.

Microsoft Power Platform: Automation, Data Visualization, and Custom Apps

This session focuses on examples of using Microsoft's Power Platform to develop custom tools with Power Apps