The Hidden Curriculum of International Schools

As a result of rapid changes in student demographics, many international schools are faced with visibly entrenched student cliques based on nationality (or language), which may appear to undermine the school’s mission to nurture ‘international-mindedness’ and parents’ desire for their children to learn English and become ‘international’.

Global Citizenship for Who?: Radically Reimagining Global Citizenship Education

Many international schools across the globe aspire to facilitate learning that cultivates graduates who are “global citizens and change makers.”.

Can you teach happiness?

In this keynote, teacher and award-winning author, Adrian Bethune, will explore what happiness and wellbeing mean and if these are skills we can actually teach students.

Global Crises and the Role of International Schools in a Changed World; Educational Leadership in Context

At a time where the world is facing global crises, and the future of our students appears increasingly fragile, this keynote presentation asks not what the world can do for the privileged, but what the global elites can do for their world.  

The Power of Affinity Groups for LGBTQ+ Students

This session will provide a bit of background on affinity groups for LGBTQ+ students, tips to be an effective faculty advisor, as well as what researchers have uncovered about what GSA's actually do for schools, and why their power may be stronger than you think.

Healthy School Communities

Active, healthy students are more successful – in school and in life. This session will explore both the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of the complex, joyful and beautiful relationship between health and student (school) success.

21st Century Teaching: How To Do It

21st century pedagogy has to methodically build students' ability and appetite for designing, managing, troubleshooting and evaluating learning for themselves. And when this is achieved, test scores improve too.

No Friend But The Mountains: the story of one man’s struggle for justice and human rights.

Behrouz will speak of his journey as a refugee, writer and human rights activist, and the impact words can have on awareness, action and social justice.

Augmenting Reality & Elevating Learning Experiences: Discovering the New Frontiers of Digital and Physical Integration

In this TED style talk, we will explore the transformative potential of Augmented Reality (AR) in both industry and education. From persuading customers to buy a product to revolutionizing classroom learning, AR offers a powerful tool for bridging the digital-physical divide and unlocking new opportunities for innovation and storytelling. We will delve into real-world examples and discuss how AR can be harnessed to create a better future for all.

Education Technology Innovation in Education

Past Session
Little People, Big Issues: Using Books to Change the World

Books are a gentle way to help kids make sense of some of life’s big issues. Deborah’s anger about inaction to climate change drove her to write a trilogy about kids living in a flooded city.