Leading Learning in an Uncertain World: The Case for a Global Restructuring of School

The session will focus explicitly on the student experience of school and the changes that occur in deeper learning classrooms.

Learning Spaces Innovation in Education Leadership

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Media Education in the Digital Age

In this talk David will suggest that we need to move beyond an instrumental view of media and technology, and the superficial ideas of digital skills to which this gives rise.

Education Technology Literacy & New Media

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Keynote: The Power of a Promise

In this keynote, Ewan will share lessons from undertaking more strategy in a year than most directors get to do in a lifetime, through hundreds of strategic planning projects across 72 countries.

Innovation in Education Leadership

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Designing Learning and leadership Eco-Systems of Wellbeing: The what, why and how of a Eudaimonic Approach.

Drawing on 16 years of diverse education experience, combined with 5 years of research, Andrea will discuss our current wellbeing paradox, share her wellbeing theory Eudaimonic Education® and suggest we can no longer talk about wellbeing separate to sustainability.

Innovation in Education Leadership Diversity & Social Justice Wellness - School

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How can you ensure that instruction isn’t long-pressed and permanently trashed from the memory of your students and staff? Deeply engage your learners by designing experiences, not just lessons. This is Design Teaching.

Innovation in Education Student Voice Diversity & Social Justice Pedagogy & Assessment

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Lies Your Head of School Told You

Too often, dominant groups justify their privilege and power in international schools through stories. They tell myths, fictions, and lies of non-racism. They seek to explain why the status quo exists and tell stories defining reality as they see fit. But such stories are at odds with the way many People of Color experience international schools. This keynote shares counter-stories or a counter reality that gives insight into the experiences of one Black international educator.

Leadership Diversity & Social Justice

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Language Equity:  Redefining our Language Learning Practices to Empower Multilinguals

This keynote will be followed by a panel discussion: Spotlight on Linguistic Equity in International Schools where Ceci will lead a panel of teachers of MLLs and leaders of international schools to tackle some of the big questions around linguistic equity practices in their communities. 

Diversity & Social Justice

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Keynote: Who am I? The Masks Students Wear

In this keynote presentation, he will explore the concept of "masking", as it applies to various student characteristics, identities and experiences. He will make the point that our students wear these masks thickly and well, and that we must find creative ways to look and see beneath, if we are to enjoy genuine connection.

Innovation in Education Student Voice Diversity & Social Justice Wellness - School Data in Education

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Augmenting Reality & Elevating Learning Experiences: Discovering the New Frontiers of Digital and Physical Integration

In this TED style talk, we will explore the transformative potential of Augmented Reality (AR) in both industry and education. From persuading customers to buy a product to revolutionizing classroom learning, AR offers a powerful tool for bridging the digital-physical divide and unlocking new opportunities for innovation and storytelling. We will delve into real-world examples and discuss how AR can be harnessed to create a better future for all.

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