Background: The U.N. Sustainable Development Goals have been a talking point for international schools as a way to develop more globally aware learners. Yet rarely do students interact with them in a way that institutes REAL change. Colorful posters, or short videos that discuss global warming or issues of human rights generally don’t have an impact, nor an audience that extends beyond the classroom.

But what if they did? 

What if students worked in partnership with the community to address SDGs through real projects? Started upcycled fashion brands to generate less waste. Generated marketing plans for NGOs to lower animal abuse. Co-constructed green, eco-friendly spaces to help restore biodiversity. Organized Saturday schools to teach refugees English.   

These community-based projects are all REAL case studies from courageous international schools that are moving from talk to action. And they are teaching their mandated curriculum and standards through them.

Main Objective: In this immersive pre-conference workshop, participants will unpack the components of effective SDG-driven community projects in order to co-design their own for learners. Through the co-creation workshop you will have the tools to design a project-based learning experience; infuse curriculum; integrate subjects, and grow global citizens. 

 Outcomes: Participants will be able to…

  • Unpack the Sustainable Development Goals

  • Uncover the components of highly effective cross-curricular, project-based learning experiences in action

  • Use the components to start the design of a learning experience that grows global citizens in their own contexts and classrooms

  • Infuse mandated curriculum

  • Connect to a wider network of practitioners for ideas and support

“A wonderful day where our school team was able to work together in a fun and structured way to create a vision and plan for us to take away and use in our school. A really inspiring session that has helped us as a team to think bigger and create more meaningful learning with our students. This session has already had an impact on the way that we want to run our projects, and will be incredibly important for the students to have an even better understanding of the world around them and the environment that they live in.”

90% rated this their learning at this pre-conference as Very Good or Excellent

Date and Time
7 March 2024

$250 – One Person
$225 – Two or more per people
$200 – Five or more per people

Note: You do not need to register for the main 21CLHK Conference to attend this one-day workshop.

Who Should Attend?

  • Teacher Leaders

  • Curriculum and Innovation Coordinators

  • Core Teachers (K-12) (Humanities/Science focus)

  • Design Tech, STEM and related elective teachers


Kyle Wagner

Project Based Learning Consultant

Project-based learning coach and founder of Transform Educational Consulting, helping forward-thinking educators create socially, emotionally, and globally aware citizens through PBL. Formally of High Tech HIgh and ISB Beijing.