After decades of focusing on the skill of teaching, it’s time to focus on the skill of learning.

We have skilful teachers in our schools. They know how to employ the most effective teaching strategies. We recognise, celebrate and value masterful teaching. Now it’s time to raise the status of learning from an act to an art, and ensure students are engaging in the most effective learning strategies. To celebrate and value masterful learning. To ensure students go beyond merely achieving outcomes and become skilful, effective learners.

In this session James shares his signature work on Learnership. For the first time he defines what it means to be a skilful learner. He shows you how to create a culture for learning and growth in your classroom. A culture that shares the responsibility for learning between the teacher and the students. A culture where every learner achieves more.

Why should you attend?

Do you have passive learners in your classroom? Learners who always seek the easy path? Learners who appear stubbornly unmotivated to learning? Students who won’t take risks or avoid mistakes? Perhaps you have students who are learning, but not becoming learners. Or you’d just like to see all your students achieving more. If this sounds like you, then you’ll want to attend this workshop and discover how to help your students develop learnership and become skilful learners. 

What is Learnership?

Learnership is the skill of learning. It is an improvement in the ability to learn, and results in the learner gaining more from every learning opportunity.

Most professional learning focuses on what skilful teachers do in a classroom.  It’s time to focus on what skilful learners do in a classroom! We must recognise that improving learning outcomes is not the sole responsibility of the teacher. Students must do more than participate in learning. They must become better learners! For more reasons than one teachers must stop working harder than their students, and the cognitive load of learning should be shared more evenly between teacher and student. 

This workshop is the road map for educators who want to guide students to become more skilful learners. It shifts the idea of learning from something you do, to something you do well. It describes what skilful learning looks like, and gives you the key steps to developing skilful learners in your classroom as it raises the status of learning from an act to an art in your school. It is your path to helping students get better, and keep on getting better. 

The foundation for becoming a skilful learner is to nurture a Growth Mindset. This workshop will introduce you to the Mindset Continuum (c) and practical and powerful pedagogical tools for nurturing an increasingly growth-oriented mindset in your students. Move beyond teaching about a Growth Mindset, and start teaching for a Growth Mindset!

 What will you learn?

  • The six levels of learnership

  • Proven strategies that teach student to become more effective learners.

  • How to create a classroom culture that drives growth

Date and Time
March 7, 2024

9am – 4pm

$250 – One Person
$225 – Two or more per people
$200 – Five or more per people


Note: You do not need to register for the main 21CLHK Conference to attend this one-day workshop.

Who Should Attend?

  • Classroom Teachers

  • School Leaders

  • Instructional Coaches

What can I expect if I participate?

  • Solutions to address reluctant, passive and underachieving learners

  • Strategies to develop students who have a positive relationship with challenge

  • Effective strategies for building a shared language of learning

  • A deep understanding of the skill of learning and how to develop it

  • A classroom where your skill as a teacher is matched by your students skill as a learners

All participants will receive a copy of James Anderson’s latest book: Learnership – how to raise the status of learning from an act to an art in your school. 


James Anderson CSP

Best Selling Author | Speaker | Trainer

James Anderson is an Australian based international speaker, best selling author and educator. His signature thought leadership is Learnership – the skill of learning. He describes what it means to become a skillful learner and shows educators how to create a school culture based on learning and growth, that builds agency and sets students up to succeed in school and thrive in life.