James Anderson

Best Selling Author | Speaker | Trainer

I am James Anderson, an Australian-based international speaker, best selling author, and educator deeply committed to enhancing our capacity for effective learning. Central to my philosophy is the Mindset Continuum, an extension of Carol Dweck’s groundbreaking work on Growth Mindsets, providing practical tools to cultivate a profound understanding of ourselves as learners. My signature concept of Learnership, offers educators a powerful framework to understand and enhance our engagement in the learning process, ultimately helping schools to create the paradigm shift that is needed.

With my rich background as a teacher and school leader, I have spent the past two decades collaborating with schools to create more thoughtful learning environments. I challenge educators to critically reflect on their own Mindsets and how these beliefs are subtly communicated to students, offering tangible strategies beyond clichés to instigate genuine shifts in learners’ mindsets.

I place immense value on the relationships I establish with the schools and teachers I engage with, providing sustained support and follow-through often absent in professional development. Demonstrating the impact of my approach, a three-year partnership with Asquith Girls High School in Sydney led to students displaying increased persistence, embracing challenges, and teachers setting higher expectations. This comprehensive program was acknowledged as a finalist in the 2022 Australian Education Awards.

As a Certified Speaking Professional and Certified Virtual Presenter, I frequently present at global conferences, in both physical and virtual formats. My work has gained recognition in prominent publications like The Age and Sydney Morning Herald, as well as in popular educational and parenting podcasts such as Dr. Justin Coulson’s Happy Families, Jethro Jones’ Transformative Principal, and Renee Jain’s Confident Child Summit.

My diverse body of work includes previous publications like Succeeding with Habits of Mind, The Agile Learner, and The Learning Landscape, alongside various e-books and teaching resources. My latest book, Learnership, raising the status of learning from an act to an art in your school, is set to become the talk of every teacher. Additionally, I offer online courses like the Growth Mindset Master Class and Learnership – the skill of Learning, which support educators globally. I hold a consulting role with Art Costa and Bena Kallick’s Institute for Habits of Mind and am affiliated with the Habits of Mind Profile Tool. My extensive contributions have significantly impacted the field of education, propelling the art of learning and shaping more adept and empowered learners.