Kyle Wagner

[Co] Learning Experience Designer/ PBL Coach, Transform Educational Consulting Limited

Kyle is a [co] learning experience designer and founder of Transform Educational Consulting, helping forward-thinking educators create socially, emotionally and globally aware citizens through active learning experiences and agentic environments. He has worked with over 1,000 educators in schools across the globe to design and deliver transformative learning experiences for students.

Kyle has twelve years of teaching experience and project-based learning leader at High Tech High. (school featured in ‘Most Likely to Succeed’). He is Co-Founder of the innovative ISB Futures Academy in Beijing and spent two years developing programs at International Montessori School in Hong Kong.

His book: ‘Power of Simple,’ provides school leaders and teachers simple strategies for school transformation and to improve student learning

He has an A M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership and is based in Hong Kong.