Women Leading Courageously in Global Education

In this workshop, we will discuss current trends of women in leadership and strategies for taking action to enhance possibilities for women in educational leadership globally.


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Data for Wellbeing: Measuring What Really Matters

We measure what we value, and we value what we measure. In this workshop, data and assessment expert, Matthew Savage, will explore the different ways in which we can tune into our students’ wellbeing. After all, the better we understand how they are feeling, the more we can connect with their own experience.

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Keynote: The Power of a Promise

In this keynote, Ewan will share lessons from undertaking more strategy in a year than most directors get to do in a lifetime, through hundreds of strategic planning projects across 72 countries.

Innovation in Education Leadership

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Building a Culture of Data: Why, Who, When, and How!

Participants will work together to better understand how to build positive data cultures in their schools, the systems and structures to help them to get there, and technology tools like Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio) to go beyond the barriers they currently face. Data in any organization is a support tool allowing members to better carry out their core mission, vision, and values. The highest quality schools use data to cultivate a culture of curiosity where teachers and teams regularly discuss how they can do even better for their students.

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Leaders Learn by Developing Leaders

I will share my experience and strategies for how I ensure leadership development programs don't just contribute to developing aspiring leaders but also develop senior leadership capabilities during the process.

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Upcoming Live Session
Exploring Patterns of Power: Moving Multilingual Writers Beyond Right and Wrong and into Using Curiosity and Risk-taking to Create Meaningful Writing

Participants will: -gain an understanding of the foundations and philosophy behind Patterns of Power -learn the structure and components of using this approach successfully within a writing classroom -learn strategies to implement the program with integrity and equity with a variety of learners

Student Voice Pedagogy & Assessment ESL/Language Education/Translanguaging Literacy & New Media

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The Design and Innovation Experience

In this session, I will take you through the curriculum and framework we have used and explore our own experience with it as a case study on how it has impacted on student learning. Prepare for an epic adventure all wrapped into a classroom!

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From Cold to Warm, and From Sheet to Street: Marrying the Quantitative with the Qualitative

This workshop will offer a refreshing, new assessment paradigm, to complement and challenge the orthodoxy of traditional assessment in schools - one that is based on listening and responding to the individual story of each student.

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Student Agency through Metaskills

Interdisciplinary learning and project-based work succeeds when it pushes students into making connections between complex new knowledge. In turn, though, that demands greater clarity around the thinking skills we want to see learners use. Those thinking skills are best taught, rather than caught. 

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