Charting the Future: The Technology Integration Roadmap for Schools

In the ever changing realm of modern education, the importance of meaningful technology integration is no longer a choice—it's a moral duty. Beyond simply adapting to the digital age, we have a responsibility to arm our students with the essential tools and skills they'll need for the future. I invite you to join me as we delve into the "Technology Integration Roadmap," a strategic 6-step guide to assist schools and leaders at any stage of tech integration, encompassing an easy-to-follow process, supporting resources and evaluation tools. See you there!

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Movement Education for Whole School Wellbeing

This active and supportive workshop focuses on musculoskeletal pain and how changing the way that teachers stand, sit, and walk in simple ways can help them to self-manage their physical wellbeing and in turn make some long lasting changes to how the children they teach also take care of their physical wellbeing.

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Who am I? The Masks We Wear

In this keynote presentation, he will explore the concept of "masking", as it applies to various student characteristics, identities and experiences. He will make the point that our students wear these masks thickly and well, and that we must find creative ways to look and see beneath, if we are to enjoy genuine connection. 

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Functional Library Communications: Marketing Your School Library

This presentation will provide teachers and librarians with ideas about using new technologies to produce a marketing plan, newsletters, social media marketing, library programming and more to create positive positioning specifically for the school library.

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Innovations in Curriculum Design

We will be discussing innovations in curriculum development and why they matter.

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Exploring Tech-infused Strategies to Support your School Learning Community

This workshop offers a timely exploration of how we can effectively address these challenges and foster a culture of integrity amidst the evolving landscape of AI in education.

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Students Perceptions of Scientists in New Media

This presentation explores the portrayal of scientists in new media and the stereotypes that these portrayals may reinforce. It is intended for educators and administrators in international schools, with an emphasis on the potential impact of implicit stereotypes on students’ perceptions of scientists and their decisions to pursue STEM careers.

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Teach This Now: The Evolution of Literacy in a Digital Age

This session will explore the latest research on digital literacy from OECD, IB, National Council of Teachers of English, the International Literacy Association, the Australian Literacy Educators Association, Scholastic, and more!

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Designing Future Learning Spaces

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Humanising Leadership

This presentation helps all educators and aspiring leaders harness their leadership and performance potential by strengthening the relationship they have with themselves.

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