How to use a simple design process to co-create solutions that support the social, emotional growth of learners in a distance environment. 

With the ongoing uncertainty and emergent complexity of covid-era education, and continuing social and emotional effects of 2020 events, safeguarding teacher and student well-being has never been more important. This extended workshop will take participants through a powerful, 5-step design process to help address the social, emotional needs of their own distance learners. Using a real school case study, participants, with the support of expert facilitators will work in small teams to use the design thinking process to generate creative solutions. They will walk away with new processes, tools, templates and strategies to support their own SEL learners.

The extended workshop will include 4 synchronous sessions for participants to share, connect and co-create solutions for SEL learning, with asynchronous learning between sessions to apply immediately in their school setting.


Be able to understand and use a simple design process for co-creation

Be able to better address social, emotional needs in a distance/ hybrid/modified physical learning environment

Learn approaches to safeguard student well being

Feel the power of co-creation to generate ideas and approaches towards addressing problems

Learn how to include multiple stakeholders in design process

Benefits of Attending:

Receive certificate of attendance with 15 PD hours

Rich toolkit of resources to implement SEL programs in own school.

Develop a co-creative network of like minded educators for continual support

New design process that can be used for the creation of new programs 

Key Details


16 January (Saturday)
20 January (Wednesday)
27 January (Wednesday)
3 February  (Wednesday)


16:30PM – 18:30PM HKT


Regular:$350 for individuals | $1000 for a group of four

About the Presenters

Innovations and Project- Based Learning Coach

Kyle Wagner is the founder and lead consultant for Transform Educational Consulting, an organization that empowers forward thinking schools to grow and develop socially, globally and emotionally aware citizens. His work with project- based learning and leading the design of  innovative learning experiences spans 12 years, three continents and over 15 schools. He has worked with over 1000 teachers and teacher leaders across some of the most successful public, charter and international schools in Asia including ESF, YCIS, IMS and ISB, VTC and AIS. 

Kyle is also the former Coordinator of Futures Academy at the International School of Beijing, a program that uses interdisciplinary project- based learning to connect students to their passions and the world outside of school. His book “The Power of SIMPLE” documents this experience and helps provide simple, research- based strategies for school transformation. 

Kyle is also a former educator and project leader at world renowned ‘High Tech High,’ where he witnessed first- hand the transformative power of student-centered, real world learning. Students wrote and published professional books, co-designed small businesses, conducted field studies, and acted in the same way as real professionals in the field. 

Kyle holds a M.Ed. (Masters Degree) in Teacher Leadership with a thesis that focuses on developing democratic classrooms and distributed leadership models. When not writing or teaching, he is performing with his original band, participating in karaoke contests and traveling the world with his partner. He currently resides in Hong Kong where he spends time developing schools of the future while helping other school leaders build theirs. 

Director of Creativity at International College Hong Kong

Phil is dedicated to helping clients achieve the moment creativity theorists call an ‘Aha’! – The split second when the lightbulb lights and a new and valuable idea comes into being. He is fascinated by the forces and conditions which promote or inhibit creative thinking processes. Phil has a strong track record as an educational leader with over twenty years’ experience in International Education (Prague, Singapore, Istanbul, London and Hong Kong). His specific area of expertise is the design and implementation of tools and processes which support and enhance creative thinking processes. He is an associate consultant with and has worked with method to bring creative thinking tools to market. Phil has facilitated for corporate clients, NGOs, schools and universities. He is a progressive educator, currently designing curricula and gamification experiences for the Human Technologies department at International College Hong Kong (An Innovation 800 School).


Certified In & Out of The B❒X™ Facilitator, Accelerated Learning Certified Course Designer

Mya Kwan is a passionate facilitator and educator with a mission to
continuously inspire and support others develop. She works with
diverse groups from all walks of life and believes we are on a never-
ending learning journey together.

Mya worked at Outward Bound Hong Kong and worked with various
educational organizations that specialize in experiential learning and
social emotional learning. She is also a fan of Accelerated Learning,
which awakened a shift and further enhanced her approaches as a
learning experience designer and learning consultant.

With an international background and certifications in multiple learning and development tools, Mya brings unique global perspectives to her work. She speaks English, Cantonese, and Mandarin.Mya designs learning experiences and facilitates a global audience. She is driven to foster impact and purpose for the participants by delivering learner-centric, interactive, and insightful programs.


● Empathic Potential | Mindset Shift | Hack Your Thinking Through Change

● Diversity & Inclusion | Allyship

● Experiential Learning | Accelerated Learning

● Design Thinking | Human-Centered Approach

● Virtual Facilitation: Design | Facilitate | Produce

● Beyond Words | Communication Styles | Leadership | People Management

● Founding Partner and Master Trainer of TYCOON® – A Business Simulation Board Game

Mya earned her bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from UCLA and worked in Logistics Management and Marketing in New York and Hong Kong. Upon her decision to embark on a new career path, she discovered her passion in unleashing the potentials of individuals and teams.

To continuously strive for greatness, Mya likes reading personal development books and attending workshops and conferences to gain new insights. For a healthy lifestyle, she enjoys running, hiking, and exploring different recipes for cooking and baking.


Learning Experience Designer and Managing Director/ Koru Consulting Limited

A dynamic facilitator (CPF, CVF), learning experience designer and team coach, James brings with him over 25 years of experience and insights in managing and leading projects in a variety of industries, countries and cultures.

Over the last 10 years alone, James has designed and delivered over 700 days of programs in 25 countries to more than 25,000 people from over 180 companies. 

More specifically, James is a master at the Gamification of the virtual and live learning journey and also the workshop, conference and event experience. Some tools he may use to support a process may include LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method, Gallups CliftonStrengths, ESP (Empathy for Style Preference) Game, Lumina Spark, Thinking-In-and-Out-of-the-Box Method, The 2030 SDGs Game, ClockWise Design Thinking, Celemi Business Simulations.

A native of New Zealand and long term resident of Hong Kong, James has also resided in the UK and Australia.



Experiential Learning Designer at Excelerant Pathways

Anthony started his professional experiential learning journey when he left college and took a job working in an outdoor centre in the UK. As someone who had struggled with classroom-based education it was a breath of fresh air and a time where, for possibly the first time, he found emotional intelligence more valued than traditional intelligence.

He has come a long way since then. Having run programs ranging from lunch and learns, corporate training events and unsupported remote multi-week expeditions. Anthonys describes his experience as “the jack of some, master of few”. Designing and delivering 500+ learning programs across 15 countries he has had a positive impact on thousands of people over the last 10 years.

He focuses his time and energy helping people with their learning journeys and has mastered facilitating experiences that deliver results. Living the approach of “Leadership is a mentality, not a title” he aims to further his reach by encouraging responsible leadership to all he works with.

Strategic Leadership at PD Academia

Michael Iannini is a Council of International Schools affiliated consultant with the following areas of expertise: Appraisal and professional development, Leadership training, School governance and Strategic planning. Michael also serves as the contracted PD Coordinator for the Association of China and Mongolia International Schools. 

His journey in education began 20 years ago as a research assistant at Arizona State University’s Child Development Laboratory, where he honed his talent for developmental education. Since moving to China in 1999, Michael has advised the Boards and Senior Leadership of a number of Not-for-Profit Organizations, International Schools, and Chinese Bilingual schools on how to develop curriculum, train teachers, create parent engagement strategies, and devise staff capacity building strategies. His exhaustive efforts have helped nurture a long and mutually beneficial relationship with ACAMIS’ network of schools, where he has served as ACAMIS’s contracted PD Coordinator for over 8 years. As a consultant, Michael’s main focus is helping schools engage with their community and improve student learning by improving collaboration and organizational management. 

His diverse work experience (which spans the United States, China and all of East and South East Asia) has given him the ability to satisfy the needs of diverse stakeholders, improve cross-cultural leadership skills and establish effective communication strategies. Michael lives in Hong Kong with his wife Barbara and their two children, Helena and Marco.