One benefit of being registered for 21CLHK is that you can share these webinars with students in your own school. They are open to any student that might wish to join. Each of these female leaders who have turned their passions into success is a must-hear from students in your schools. 


Jennifer Chang-Wathall

26th January
6pm (+8GMT)

The Beauty of Mathematics: Debunking Myths about Mathematics Learning

Debunk some of the myths about mathematics learning and help students to understand the true nature of mathematics. 

Jennifer is an author, educational consultant and part time instructor for The University of Hong Kong. With over 25 years’ experience in the education field, Jennifer has worked in several international schools in Hong Kong and New York. Based on her graduate studies in Educational Technology, Jennifer has designed numerous online courses that have reached thousands of educators from all over the world. 

Amber Matthews (Steelcase)

27th January
5pm (+8GMT)

What does a design researcher do?

Are you a student interested, or curious about pursuing a future in the field of design? This webinar will connect you with a veteran strategist and service designer who currently works for Steelcase managing research into how people work. Insight from her research is translated into strategies products, services and experiences.

Amber Matthews is Research Manager of WorkSpace Futures, Asia Pacific, at Steelcase: the leading provider of global workplace solutions, based in Hong Kong. Working within the company’s multidisciplinary research team, she joins researchers, strategists and advanced applications experts across the globe in employing a human-centered, future-focused approach towards understanding the world of work in corporate, education and healthcare environments. 

Felicity Furey

19th January
4pm (+8GMT)

Engineer Your Future

Felicity Furey has overcome life’s biggest challenges to engineer a smart city, an inclusive society and an incredible career. How? With an Engineer Mindset – a technical approach to problem solving that delivers surprising results. And the best news is, you don’t have to be an engineer to think like one. In this keynote, Felicity shares how an Engineer Mindset can help you reframe life’s challenges, face uncertainty with confidence and engineer the most important project of all – your future.

An award-winning engineer, business entrepreneur and an advocate for change, Felicity Furey’s tenacious spirit, infectious energy and relentless drive to create a better world inspires students, emerging leaders and their communities to re-engineer what’s possible in the future of education and STEM.

From standing as one of just 12 women in her graduating class of 120 to being named BOSS Magazine’s Young Executive of The Year and ‘Innovative Engineer of The Year’, Felicity has always made it her mission to make the ‘impossible’ possible.