Leveraging Technology to Supercharge Teaching and Learning

Discover how streamlining technologies can help schools empower their teachers and supercharge their teaching and learning provision.

Education Technology Pedagogy & Assessment

May 2023 - 21CLBKK
Past Session
Has the Pursuit of Wellbeing Hit a Wall? ‘Wholebeing’: A Pathway Towards Better

Systems thinking posits that when we don’t understand how everything is interconnected, our solutions can cause more problems.

Innovation in Education Pedagogy & Assessment ESL/Language Education/Translanguaging Literacy & New Media

March 2024 - 21CLHK
Upcoming Live Session
Overview of PRAXIS at ISKL: An Integrated Learning Program that Reimagines the School Experience

Share the overview of the PRAXIS program at ISKL. What works, and what has been a challenge? How can your school begin a program like this?

Innovation in Education Leadership Student Voice Diversity & Social Justice Pedagogy & Assessment Innovative School Profile

March 2024 - 21CLHK
Upcoming Live Session
The 'Pillar Approach': Unifying Consistency and Creativity in Technology and Innovation for Primary Years

Join us as we delve into VSA's distinctive approach to integrating technology and innovation within the Units of Inquiry, seamlessly merging them in a transdisciplinary manner.

Education Technology Innovation in Education Innovative School Profile

March 2024 - 21CLHK
Upcoming Live Session
Boosting Student Agency through Gamification

In this session, Vince Siu and Logan Stratman of Press Start Academy, a Hong Kong-based startup that designs award-winning educational games and game-based curriculums, will explore the benefits and challenges of conducting game-based learning in inquiry-based classrooms.

Innovation in Education Pedagogy & Assessment

Online Streaming
Upcoming Live Session