Navigating the Dual Dynamics of Coaching

Join us as we delve into the delicate balance of being a coach.

Education Technology Innovation in Education Leadership

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Navigating Leadership: Understanding Self, Shaping Environments

Embark on a transformative journey of leadership exploration in our workshop, "Navigating Leadership: Understanding Self, Shaping Environments”.

Innovation in Education Leadership

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If, Despite, Regardless, Because: Conditionality and the Transinclusive School

In this workshop, Matthew will share Jack’s story, and offer some practical solutions to help ensure students like Jack are able to be seen, be heard, be known and belong in all of our schools.

Wellness - School Wellness - Personal Data in Education

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Future Ready Collaborative: Technology Progressions

Students can proudly display their proficiencies with unique stickers both digitally, and on their laptops. Join us as we shape the future of digital education, one sticker at a time!

Education Technology Innovation in Education Literacy & New Media

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In this interactive presentation, participants will learn when it is appropriate to delegate, what to delegate, to whom to delegate, and how to delegate. This training will review 5 steps for proper delegation and discuss some of the problems that result in not delegating correctly.


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Boosting Student Agency through Gamification

In this session, Vince Siu and Logan Stratman of Press Start Academy, a Hong Kong-based startup that designs award-winning educational games and game-based curriculums, will explore the benefits and challenges of conducting game-based learning in inquiry-based classrooms.

Innovation in Education Pedagogy & Assessment

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Empowering Early Years Learners in the Library

This presentation will empower you to move beyond the readaloud with practical ways to build on kindergarten learners’ understanding of library systems and conventions, including developing an IB PYP library for Early Years learners.

Innovation in Education

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We Are All Artists: Stories, Students and YOU

Attendees will learn strategies for using technology to amplify student stories through classroom conversations, digital media, the arts, and more!

Education Technology Student Voice Pedagogy & Assessment Literacy & New Media

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Building and Nurturing Leadership Traits and Personal Leadership Resources

This presentation will discuss the findings of my 2019-2021 doctoral research which addressed leadership traits, personal leadership resources (PLRs), and successful school leadership in mainland China.


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Designing and Sustaining Equitable Multilingual Learning Spaces

This workshop is a comprehensive one-day learning opportunity that aims to empower educators and school leaders with the knowledge and tools to create an inclusive and equitable learning environment for multilingual students.

ESL/Language Education/Translanguaging

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