Yujiro Fujiwara

Head of STEM/Math Lead, Concordia International School Shanghai

Dr. Yujiro Fujiwara is an international STEM educator with more than 14 years of experience in STEM education. He holds a Ph.D. from Texas Tech University, specializing in STEM-focused education. Currently, he serves as the Head of STEM/Applied Technology and High School Mathematics at Concordia International School in Shanghai. In this role, Dr. Fujiwara is responsible for developing and implementing a dynamic and comprehensive P-12 STEM curriculum including teaching advanced mathematics. His approach emphasizes hands-on, integration, and integrating new technologies to enhance student engagement and understanding of STEM. He spends time on innovative use of technologies in the STEM classroom.  His research focuses on the students’ perceptions of science in new media, and how students’ perceptions of scientists may affect students’ STEM career paths.