Nooraine Fazal

Founding CEO & Managing Trustee, Inventure Academy

Nooraine, an accomplished educationist, sportsperson, entrepreneur, and change-maker, champions the transformative power of quality education. The driving force behind Inventure Academy, one of India’s Top 3 K12 Schools, she remains actively engaged, spearheading innovative educational programs.

With a Master of Science from Boston University, Nooraine’s career includes frontline and managerial roles at IBM and Reuters. Returning to India in 2003, she sought to influence the nation’s development as a proactive citizen.

Believing in lifelong learning, she advocates for universal access to quality education, aiming to empower children to fulfill their life’s purpose and contribute positively to the world. Nooraine’s commitment extends to addressing challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. She played a pivotal role in crafting a White Paper on Online Learning and Community Building, offering insights for post-COVID education models.

As a key figure in the Alliance for #RighttoLearn, she unites schools and stakeholders to champion the right to education anytime, anywhere. Nooraine emphasizes children’s involvement in decisions affecting them, co-creating Inventure’s Our Voice platform. This initiative allows students to contribute to policy-making and community problem-solving, including Karnataka’s Child Protection Policy and India’s New Education Policy.

Inventure’s adoption of Ramagondanahalli Government School reflects Nooraine’s dedication to expanding quality education. Leading the effort in defining educational philosophy and curriculum, this model PPP has transformed the school, with Inventure’s programs now integral to its success.

Beyond education, Nooraine serves as an Independent Director for a publicly listed software company in India. A multi-faceted individual, she has represented Karnataka in women’s cricket and basketball, is a yoga and fitness enthusiast, and has represented India at club events in golf.

Her accolades affirm her significant contributions to education and beyond, including recognition as one of the Most Influential Women Leaders in 2023 (Global Business Outlook), among India’s Impactful Education Leaders (Knowledge Review), and numerous awards such as the ‘Women Empowerment Principles Leadership Awards’ (Asia One) and ‘Future 50 Leaders Shaping Success’ (Fortune Magazine).