Alwin Reclusado

Faculty, Xavier School

Alwin “Boj” Reclusado is a classroom TEACHnology integrator who advocates on the appropriate use of technology in the classroom. He is an Edpuzzle Ambassador in the Philippines, Wakelet Ambassador, Quizizz Certified Super Trainer, Google Certified Educator Level 1, ExplainEverything Explainer Level 1, Quizizz Certified Game Changer, Kahoot Verified Educator, and Kahoot Mentor. As an advocate of appropriate use of technology in the classroom, he does not simply teach the technical know-how of the tools but sees to it that teachers are equipped with proper knowledge and guidance in the use of technology. Through these, the classroom discussion is alive while keeping the engagement and accountability of the students. He is one of the administrators of Edpuzzle Pilipinas and Quizizz Pilipinas (Official) wherein he is an animator of these localized platform communities.

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