Admin, WTF? (Where’s the fun?)

“Don’t do as I do; do as I say.” I strongly, adamantly find this statement to be unacceptable.

As coaches we expect our students to run faster, climb higher, keep up stamina far better than we do by showing them the proper techniques; as teachers, we expect our students to not bore the audience, share engagingly, ask the “So What?” in everything that they do by modeling how it’s done. Good coaches and teachers do, that is.

Let’s pause and reflect: do we do that as administrators? What do we do with inspired and excited teachers when they come back from empowering conferences with big ideas? How do we keep the momentum going and not drown in what we have undoubtedly been victims of: the traditional way of doing things just because that’s how things were always done?

Come explore ways to find a balance between what we know is awesome and what we feel we must do in the current structure of education that places emphasis on the prestige of traditional programs. Let’s try to do what makes sense, empowering our teachers to run faster, climb higher and not lose steam… and most importantly, do it alongside them.

Experience the innovative ways the new leadership team at GSIS uses to get school-wide goals pushed out to the whole staff in 5 minutes, allure 98% of our staff to fill out surveys designed to gain data workable for improving our systems and so much more, while keeping meetings relevant and meaningful. #truestory #letshavefun