Yoshimi Horiuchi

ARC Founder / Director, ARC

Born in Kochi, Japan on July 12, 1983. She was born nearly blind, and lost all sight in late teen. She was educated in blind schools: from grade 1 to 9 in Kochi, and 10 to 12 in Tokyo, then proceeded to study in International Christian University.

Yoshimi spent 3 years learning abroad: in the USA, Thailand, and India. Upon graduation from Kanthari International in India, Yoshimi founded Always Reading Caravan in 2010, which has been officially registered as Bookworm Foundation (BWF) in June 2018. BWF now has a community library with mobile library services in Phrao District, Chiangmai Province, and two early childhood learning centers for hill tribe children in the mountainous area around Phrao. Back in 2018, they have also launched a new project called Noon Noon Books: production and disemination of universal design picture books for children with and without disabilities.