Susan Wells

Founder/CEO, TechTerra Education

Susan Wells, an educator, innovator and pioneer in the field of digital learning, innovative learning spaces and Makerspace design and development, is the founder of TechTerra
Education. TechTerra Education is a company with a global reach and urgent mission –
STEM Literacy for All. The company finds the most innovative tools for teaching and
learning across the globe, supports developers in understanding classroom fit for STEM
tools, builds STEM tool curriculum, provides professional development in STEM and
Makerspaces, and offers STEM programs. Susan served as a Technology Strategist with
groups across the country and internationally, and focused on STEM, innovation and
technology in the K12 education setting. She is past President of the International Society of
Education and Technology (ISTE) Mobile Learning Network and served as K12 Education
Outreach Coordinator for Shodor, a National Resource for Computational Science
Education. Susan is a seasoned international speaker and presenter. She is the author of
Foundations of Makerspaces, was named an EdTech Awards Leadership Finalist in
2018 and 2019, EdTech Awards Trendsetter Winner 2020 and included in top 100
Edtech “Minds Behind What’s New and What’s Next” 2020-21.

Over a 30 year career in education, Susan Wells served as Elementary and Middle School
Principal, Central Office Administrator, Behavioral Specialist, Teacher, Technology
Coordinator, Adjunct Professor at Elon University and Public Speaker. In Chapel Hill, North
Carolina, Susan and her team introduced and deployed the first 1:1 deployment of iPod
touch mobile computers for all students and staff in the K12 environment in the United
As a North Carolina Virtual Public Schools Middle School Beta Partner, in 2008-2009 Susan
implemented a pilot program using hand-held iPod touches allowing student access of
on-line course work. She worked directly with Apple on the iPod touch Pilot and with Apple’s
iTunes University on connectivity within a typical public school setting, and wrote a middle
school virtual curriculum for statewide implementation. She also combined the iPod touch
pilot with the AVID student program as a daily learning tool, and led her staff team in
mastering the language and philosophy in virtual and on-line learning.