Prathap Sekar

Curriculum Designer & Innovation Specialist, NovaLearn

Prathap is a visual effects and animation artist from India who has worked in Oscar-winning movies. He is an MYP design teacher and a curriculum developer, who specializes in 3D and product design. He is also a member of the technology integration team that helps to make learning interactive and fun.
Prathap holds a master’s degree in digital effects from Bournemouth University, UK, and a British teaching certificate. Before coming to ISNS, he was the head of the visual arts program at Beijing No.80 High School. Prathap also has a decade of experience as a visual effects artist and has worked in the Chinese sci-fi epic The Wandering Earth (流浪地球), Star Wars VII, Captain America and Gravity, which won an Oscar for visual effects in 2013. Prior to that, he worked on a factory floor engineering products. He took up teaching because he loves mentoring and since it allows him to combine his technical skills with his artistic skills. He moved to China in 2014 and has the cultural sensitivity to work with a diverse student body.

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