Melany Mistrorigo

Playaescuela/MelanyEducircle, Elementary Coordinator/Well-Being and Educational Coach

From the classroom to the zoom calls with clients, I am a champion of well-being and growth in the midst of the many demands of education. I

In my coaching practice, I hold space for educators who feel too stressed out to enjoy this wonderful vocation.

I teach how to implement simple practices that bring joy and allow for more authentic and conscious relationships: teacher to student, among colleagues and with the whole-school.

When my clients are able to say “This is tough, but now I know that can do this”, I know I’ve fulfilled my ikigai.

In my classroom, I make human connection the foundation of all my teaching: I celebrate and support my students holistically for who they are, in their multilingual and intercultural environment, which we call home.

I had the privilege to teach many neuroatypical students (with autism, hearing impairment, language and behavioral challenges etc) and it has made me a more competent teacher and a kinder, happier human.

I measure my success by how much I can learn from my little humans.

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