Krystle Winter

Grade 2-3 Learning Support Teacher, American Community School of Abu Dhabi

Krystle’s career in education spans over 18 years. Her desire to explore the world, immerse herself in diverse cultures and form meaningful connections with people from across the globe compelled her to embark on a journey teaching overseas. She has an unwavering dedication to enriching the educational experience. Her passion lies in her commitment to cultivating literacy skills, creating dynamic hands-on learning opportunities, and unleashing the full potential of each student by embracing their unique interests and passions. She thrives on nurturing close-knit learning communities where students feel supported, encouraged, and inspired to excel. Krystle’s extensive experience in education encompasses every facet of the elementary curriculum, from the earliest years to the upper grades. She has honed her skills in student support, providing invaluable assistance to learners of all backgrounds and abilities. In her current role as a Learning Support Teacher at the American Community School of Abu Dhabi, Krystle is at the heart of fostering an inclusive and supportive environment. Her primary focus revolves around guiding students to not only succeed, but also thrive within their learning communities, ensuring that every learner has the opportunity to shine and reach their full potential.