Daniel Shaw

International Educator, Musician, Outdoor Educator, Environmental Philosopher (Singapore/Switzerland)

Dan is a creative communicator and strategic team player with 21 years of professional experience split between international education; environmental conservation and restoration; and global health and development. This has taken him professionally to over 30 countries on top of an international upbringing. He is a three-time alumnus of the world’s oldest international school, the International School of Geneva – as a student, a teacher and a student-teacher – and has taught at a variety of state, private and international schools in Asia and Europe.

After an initial spell working for the Japanese Ministry of Education in rural Japan, he moved to Switzerland where he worked as Technical and Administrative Officer for the World Health Organisation’s Health Leadership Service – a unique two year training programme for future leaders in global health – and for WHO’s global work on health workforce migration and rural retention. While there, he led UN missions such as one to Mali to evaluate their rural health care system and was the Managing Editor of the peer-reviewed scientific journal ‘Human Resources for Health’.

Dan left WHO to become the Manager, Knowledge and Communications for the Global Forest and Climate Change Programme of IUCN (International Union of Conservation of Nature), the world’s oldest and largest environmental organisation. This rich and diverse period included co-authoring and coordinating the “Guidebook to ROAM”, recently cited as a core reference and resource by the United Nations Environment Programme for restoring the Earth’s ecosystems by 2030, and one of the first books on Gender and Forests.

After a conversation with Nobel Laureate, Wangari Maathai, about education being the key domain in which to invest for a better future, Dan decided to return to education. Since then, he has been spreading his love for other lifelong passions, music and birdsong, as a music teacher in schools in Switzerland and Singapore.

Dan is increasingly interested in reexamining our understanding of peace, global citizenship and of decolonising international education and has most recently been writing on related topics. He holds postgraduate qualifications in Environmental Philosophy, Education, Public Health and Music and currently lives in Singapore with his wife and two children.

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