Clare Rawlings

Founder, Raw Movement

I have had a varied career, including environmental consulting and IT delivery. I took time off to care for my children, trained as a primary teacher and travelled and worked in Asia, Australia, and America. My passion has always been understanding how everyone can move and maintain better physical health. I have delivered in-person movement classes since 2017, and during lockdown I supported colleagues online to support new ways of working from home. Raw Movement was founded in January 2021; since then I have worked with all kinds of organisations, helping people to understand how to maintain good physical wellbeing. I deliver movement education workshops within schools for teachers to learn how to take care of their physical wellbeing, prevent musculoskeletal problems from impacting their career longevity and assist in developing classrooms that are movement centric. By developing movement habits in schools we ensure everyone enters their adult lives with their physical wellbeing covered, not just the children who like PE and games.

When I am not talking movement I am walking our dog Tim, driving my kids to various things or studying for my MSc in Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace.