Carmen Ho

Computational Thinking Coordinator, PLK Dr. Jimmy Wong Chi-ho(Tin Sum Valley) Primary School CoolThink@JC InnoCommunity Teacher Leaders

Carmen is currently teaching IT and English in a local Hong Kong primary school. She earned her bachelor’s degree in English years ago and she started to learn about computational thinking and coding in her previous school. Same as her former school, her current school is one of the first cohort schools that joined the CoolThink@JC project. She has been teaching computational thinking through Scratch and App Inventor for years. Her passion in teaching IT, computational thinking and coding grows gradually and continuously. This makes her willing to accept and learn new information and pedagogies in teaching IT regardless of her non-CS background. She believes that computational thinking is an essential skill for everyone and is indispensable to the digital world in the 21st century. As one of the pioneers promoting computational thinking in Hong Kong, she finds her work incredibly meaningful.

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