Kettelene Eloissaint

Director of Learning, Wesley College

Graduate of Saint Thomas University in Miami, FL USA
-Degrees: Master in Education Specialization in ELL/ESL
-B.A. in History & Political Science
Over 10 years of teaching.
-Miami-Dade Public Schools ELL/ESL Teacher (USA).
-5 1/2 half years teaching in Asia: 3 years at KCISEC in China and 2.5 years in Taiwan.
Cross-Curricular Subject Group Coordinator & 8th and 10th Grade History Teacher (KCIS Taiwan)
-5th grade Math, Science & History Teacher (Taiwan)
-Head Teacher of 10th grade English (China)
-Girls & Boys Volleyball Coach SSSA League Champions 2018 (China)
– Club Advisor of International Professional Women Of Tomorrow (IPWOT) (China)
Haitian-American. Fluent in Haitian Creole & English & Intermediate in Spanish.
Children’s Book Author: Goal Journal A Children’s Motivational Book
Recipient of 2022 EARCOS Research Grant: Student College Readiness
PD facilitator
Likes to teach, write, read, play and watch sports, dance, and go to the beach.

My three ways of teaching be a facilitator, providing students with the skills and resources needed, and guiding and monitoring as they apply them. 1. Differentiation to make sure all student needs are met, look at data, give Multiple Intelligence Quiz, or both; to determine best practices for students and whole classes. 2. Model for students I do (Teacher) We do (Whole group) They Do (Small group), and You Do (Individual) to give students the opportunities to critically think and solve problems on their own. My classroom expectations are as follows learning will be interactive, meaningful, and applicable. Students will be expected to put forth maximum effort in order to reach their full potential. Respect for oneself and others will be vital as we will be exploring historical aspects and subjects of different cultures and their norms. Students are to be prepared for class, respectful, and kind to one another, manage their time wisely, and be mindful of the use of electronics in the classroom at all times. This year’s goal is intentionality in all we say and do. We are fully responsible for deciding our emotions, attitudes, and responses to others and our circumstances. 19′-20′ taught us it is just about the only thing we can control and there is power and beauty in that. It is my goal as we partner to make this school year a lifelong positive and inspirational educational experience.

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