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Hip Hop Genius: Remixing High School Education

Come learn from the three authors—sam seidel, Tony Simmons, and Michael Lipset—about best practices at the intersections of education, music, and culture.

Tony Simmons

Michael Lipset

Sam Seidel

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International Education and the Pursuit of Peace: Decolonizing International Education

My presentation will build and draw upon my recent article of the same title. It will also invite contributions and reactions from participants to share and go further on this topic.

Daniel Shaw

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Towards strategic co-agency at MYP and beyond – promoting dialogue in learning technologies selection across subjects

This presentation looks at a framework that can be adapted to the school context for supporting co-agency between students and teachers to build a comprehensive repertoire of transferable technology skills.

Kathryn Reed

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Maker Learning is a Mindset Not a Space: 5 Maker Mindsets to Thrive in Hybrid Environments

In this engaging and interactive presentation, you will learn how to continue maker learning regardless of the medium. Through inspiring case studies, and co-creation in a hybrid environment, we will unlock the 5 major mindsets of maker learning

Kyle Wagner

Mark Barnett

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Bring Learning to Life with Augmented Reality Technology: Assemblr Edu

Augmented Reality is a technology that can be used to turn lessons into stunning 3D visuals, simulate models from every angle using AR, and bring students closer in a more immersive learning experience — all from your on-the-go devices.

Marsaria Primadonna

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Supporting Authentic Learning with ISTE Standards

Modern educators have one of the most exciting and challenging jobs on the planet.

Reyna Lazarou