Presentations for Modern Languages

Online Learning Education Technology

Creating animated gifs to instruct and inspire in the languages classroom

In this session, Joe Dale will explore many ways in which animated gifs can be used to bring language learning to life, by reinforcing sentence structure, practising dialogues, modelling grammar use and giving personalised feedback.

Joe Dale

Online Learning Education Technology Student Voice

Towards strategic co-agency at MYP and beyond – promoting dialogue in learning technologies selection across subjects

This presentation looks at a framework that can be adapted to the school context for supporting co-agency between students and teachers to build a comprehensive repertoire of transferable technology skills.

Kathryn Reed

Online Learning Education Technology

Quizzing tools, retrieval practice and multi-modal feedback in language lessons

In this webinar, Joe Dale will showcase a variety of examples of good practice in online teaching from practising secondary school languages teachers on Twitter.

Joe Dale

Online Learning Learning Spaces Education Technology Innovation in Education Leadership

The Discovery Series: An Edpuzzle Deep Dive

Sharing new features and ideas to enhance the engagement for teachers and their students, administrators and their teachers, as well as schools and their greater community.

Sean Forde

Todd Davis

Nici Foote

Online Learning Education Technology Pedagogy & Assessment

BYOD Educational podcasting for promoting oracy with Anchor

In this session, Joe Dale will showcase step by step how to create a podcast episode collaboratively and in a moderated way.

Joe Dale

Online Learning Education Technology

Creating a Japanese Language curriculum for a student with ASD

I created a customized 1-to-1 Japanese learning curriculum for a child with autism spectrum disorder who had displayed interest in Japanese culture but failed to achieve in the Japanese language program at the school.

Thomas Shippy