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Pedagogy & Assessment

Structured Word Inquiry

Science in the English classroom? Dissecting words? You bet! Structured Word Inquiry is the scientific investigation of how to spell words, any word.

Rebecca Bush

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The Be Priceless SEED course program: promoting well-being and safety for all

Be Priceless is an empowering, community-led, non-profit educational organisation that envisions a world where every child can be well and safe.

Czarina Leung

Shelly Chutke

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Practical Mindfulness in the Early Years Routines

​​Now more than ever, teaching mindfulness in the classroom is a necessity. Our lives are busy, and we often find our thoughts buzzing over the past or worrying about the future. We need mindfulness because it teaches us to live in the present moment, enjoying and experiencing what’s in front of us.

Shareen Ratnani

Education Technology

Creating with Canva

Creating with Canva takes all the guesswork out of designing effective communications, whether it's digital, print or media.

Heather Breedlove

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Supporting Authentic Learning with ISTE Standards

Modern educators have one of the most exciting and challenging jobs on the planet.

Reyna Lazarou