Presentations for Global Collaboration

Student Voice Pedagogy & Assessment

Interdisciplinary Learning in the High School

Wondered what interdisciplinary learning looks like in a big high school like ISB?

Owen Fidler

Innovation in Education Leadership

Global Crises and the Role of International Schools in a Changed World; Educational Leadership in Context

At a time where the world is facing global crises, and the future of our students appears increasingly fragile, this keynote presentation asks not what the world can do for the privileged, but what the global elites can do for their world.  

Alexander Gardner-Mctaggart

Leadership Student Voice Diversity & Social Justice

Empowering Young Activists

During this presentation, attendees will learn about multiple strategies for empowering student voice and agency, fostering leadership skills, and building the capacity of the young activists in their community.

Nate Samuelson


The importance of developing Leaders within our pupils

An exploration of the importance of developing leaders within schools. Looking at the value and impact of leadership programmes within schools and examples of it in practice.

Phil Mathe

Student Voice Diversity & Social Justice Pedagogy & Assessment Wellness - School Wellness - Personal

Whole-School App Smashing for Social Justice

As our students approached our 11th month of the online/hybrid journey, I began looking for ways to unite students around a common project where students of various levels of English ability could participate in meaningful ways.

Ken Morrison

Innovation in Education Leadership

Deeper Pathways to Tomorrow: Building Bridges through Global Competencies

As the world races towards globalization, schools are growing in diversity and complexity. How might we build relationships by valuing differences, exchanging ideas, and preparing students for global engagement?

Jessica Hale

Kelly Grogan

Sandra Chow