Presentations for ESL

Online Learning Learning Spaces Education Technology Innovation in Education Leadership

The Discovery Series: An Edpuzzle Deep Dive

Sharing new features and ideas to enhance the engagement for teachers and their students, administrators and their teachers, as well as schools and their greater community.

Sean Forde

Todd Davis

Nici Foote

Innovation in Education Leadership Pedagogy & Assessment

Be a Change-Maker: the story of the MSS Makerspace Magic project

The presentation begins with a reflection on my 3 year journey in leading a English Language Makerspace project in a local HK secondary school.

Lauren Minnie

Student Voice

Student-Focused Learning: P.A.V.E. the Way to Learner Agency

In this session, learn how to find Entry points for agency and choose Vehicles for teaching students.

Nicole Dissinger

Tammy Musiowsky-Borneman

Innovation in Education Student Voice Pedagogy & Assessment Wellness - School Wellness - Personal

Language Learning and Teaching: Every Child a Storyteller

Developing an understanding of stories and how they are constructed can be challenging for young children.

Jess Gosling