Presentations for Digital Citizenship

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Post Covid Digital Citizenship

In this presentation, I will share a curation of resources which will empower you to launch or enhance a Digital Citizenship program at your school.

Joanne Anderson

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XR in Edtech, Privacy and Safety in the Metaverse

Common Sense Media has released new research on the privacy and security of virtual reality, including ratings of the most-used devices in educational technology. The results are striking.

Jill Bronfman

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Screens That Eat Children

Our digital technology narratives are threadbare, and no longer convey any genuine meaning about the way we use devices.

Ross Parker

Student Voice Pedagogy & Assessment

Interdisciplinary Learning in the High School

Wondered what interdisciplinary learning looks like in a big high school like ISB?

Owen Fidler

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Reach for a STAR Interview with Digital Spaces

Based on the recruiting experiences of two international school principals and synthesizing the ideas of Cal Newport’s thoughts on productivity, this session will give participants a behind-the-scenes glance at the international recruiting process in the 21st century

Matthew Kelsey

Daniel Kilback

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Hip Hop Genius: Remixing High School Education

Come learn from the three authors—sam seidel, Tony Simmons, and Michael Lipset—about best practices at the intersections of education, music, and culture.

Tony Simmons

Michael Lipset

Sam Seidel